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Face to face with tooth wear: action points for the agenda

by Professor Andrew Eder | 22 March 2024

ONLINE MEETINGS have become such a big part ofour working lives that we've rightly become more self-conscious about the state of our teeth when smiling at the camera. This has also given many of us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the impact of our lifestyles, both inside and out … [more]

Tooth wear for patients and clinicians

by Professor Andrew Eder | 02 January 2024

Tooth wear – considerations and challenges for patients and clinicians [more]

Professor Andrew Eder on the joys of a career in dentistry

by Professor Andrew Eder | 28 February 2023

After 35 years as a dentist in practice and a clinical academic at UCL, Professor Andrew Eder reflects on his personal journey from wanting to be a motorbike policeman to being a dentist and now a Finito mentor … [more]

Your Teeth May Be Wearing Out!

by Professor Andrew Eder | 24 June 2022

Tooth wear is on the increase. In 1968, more than one-third of the UK population had no teeth. In the most recent Adult Dental Health Survey of 2009, this had fallen to 6% … [more]

Spotlight on … Andrew Eder

by UCL Eastman Dental Institute | 31 March 2022

This week Professor Andrew Eder, Emeritus Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Dental Education at UCL Eastman Dental Institute, talks to us about his 35-year career and his latest role as Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges [more]

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges appoints Professor Eder as new Board Chair

by Academy of Medical Royal Colleges | 28 February 2022

The Board which oversees the governance and corporate activities of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has appointed Professor Andrew Eder as Chair of Trustees … [more]

Don’t let COVID-19 mask mouth cancer

by Professor Andrew Eder | 08 September 2021

We are most certainly living in unprecedented times and many will have read in the national press about medical conditions being left undiagnosed or treatments being delayed as a direct result of COVID-19. This is especially true of mouth cancers and it is therefore … [more]

Give your teeth a break and prevent tooth wear: 6 easy lifestyle tips

by Professor Andrew Eder | 18 June 2021

Tooth wear is an increasing problem due to keeping our teeth for longer and the acidic foods and drinks we consume, but giving your teeth some TLC can lessen the impact that such an acidic diet might have. Professor Andrew Eder, a leading specialist in restorative … [more]

Everything you need to know about tooth wear

by Professor Andrew Eder | 12 April 2021

With the increased amount of video conferencing sessions whilst working at home, we've become more conscious about the state of our teeth when smiling at the camera. Furthermore, the current COVID-19 situation has given many of us an opportunity to pause and … [more]

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